What LVS Parents Say

"LVS was a good decision--the teachers are super nice and helpful, and the courses are interesting and well?structured. I will definitely be back next year!"
Elizabeth P. (Olathe, KS)
7th grade student

"LVS was much more involved and interested in my learning progress than other virtual schools. The teachers were much more reliable than at other schools."
Christian A. (Linwood, KS)
8th grade student

"We both were pleased with what LVS had to offer. You did a good job helping us know right up front that this was going to be a good fit for her. She did love it and would recommend it to others if they are the type to work independently. Sarah loved working at her own pace. She was frustrated from the repetition and wasted time of the public brick and mortar schools. She has lots of energy and loves to learn. LVS gave her a great opportunity to learn at home at her own pace while receiving a quality education."
B. Hinton. (Baldwin City, KS)
Parent of 7th grader

"Our child has had numerous struggles to overcome in her life. Undiagnosed vision difficulties created academic problems from the very beginning of her school career, which led to a lack of self-confidence, causing her to withdraw socially. Our public school refused to acknowledge her learning difficulties, even though she was reading at least two years below grade level for several years. We tried numerous things to help her, including vision therapy, Sylvan Learning Center, and as a last resort, when she looked up at me and said, "I just want to learn, Mom; can't you please help me learn?", removing her from public school to teach her at home, one on one.

After almost two years of homeschooling, a friend informed me about Lawrence Virtual School where her daughter was taking an Algebra class. As our daughter wanted to obtain a high school diploma and continue on to college, we decided to enroll her; she is currently completing her third nine weeks, and this was the best decision we have ever made regarding our daughter's education!

Lawrence Virtual School teachers are always caring and helpful, responding to our daughter's questions in a timely manner, eager to help her when necessary, and always offering encouragement! With every success she has, her confidence grows, and she is blossoming before our eyes; where we once wondered if our child could be successful in school, we now see her shine!

Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!
J. Herman (Kingman, KS)
Parent of 8th grader

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